The MOUNTAIN SPICE recipe....                            


✔️ A heaping spoonful of small town life in the mountains of West Virginia. Nature literally looms large here. How many stoplights does your town have? Ours has four. Rush hour lasts 15 minutes when school busses pull out onto the Main Street at 3:00. The pace is slower. Time to enjoy a soothing cup of tea in the afternoon and a home-cooked meal with family in the evening.

✔️ A generous dollop of friendship. Founders Susan and Kate have been fast friends for over 20 years, from the time our kids were learning to play baseball, dressing up as Power Rangers and having their first crushes.

✔️ A bountiful access to herbs, spices and teas from all over the world for rich variety and new taste adventures. How about trying Fenugreek from India? Or Egyptian Chamomile? Smoked Paprika from Spain, anyone?

✔️ A zesty pinch of experience at local and regional festivals where we show off our herbs, spices and teas in scrumptious samples so our customers keep coming back for more. We love catching up with them every year, introducing them to our newest offerings, and helping them replenish their old favorites.

✔️ A savory sprinkling of undiluted enthusiasm for all of our products and a desire to share them with you!